Falconry at Leeds Castle


You can meet 2 Owls at the show who are part of a team of 19 birds of prey that we have at Leeds Castle.

We have one of our small owls called Merlin who is a White Faced Scops Owl from South Africa and is 3 years old.

We also have one of the largest Owls in the world, Mozart who is a European Eagle Owl from Europe and he turns 7 this month.

At the Leeds Castle Bird of Prey Centre we have a wide variety of birds ranging from our smallest Burrowing Owl to our largest Steppe Eagle. We have species covering all types of birds of prey, Hawks, Eagles, Vultures, Falcons and Owls.

The centre is open on a daily basis and is located behind the Maze.

We do daily public falconry demonstrations at 2pm (summer season) in the arena in front of the maze, you get the chance to see some of these magnificent creatures flying free and doing what they do best.


You can see one of our Falcons stooping in and out of the arena reaching speeds of over 100mph, meet one of our newest addition, Herman our Turkey Vulture and learn how they fly and eat in the wild.

You can also learn how Owls hunt in the wild by using silent flight.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge of these amazing animals so offer a range of different experiences depending on your interest.

You can take part in a Half Day experience with prices at £75pp or a whole day experience with prices starting at £135pp, we also offer participants the chance to bring spectators with prices starting at £30pp.

The Falconry Team can be contacted on:

Tel: 01622 767861
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you require any information on our experiences then please visit our web page:



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